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About Me

I am Dee Hergenreter, a passionate artist driven by a love for vibrant colors and unique expressions. My work reflects a blend of emotions and experiences, inviting viewers into a world where imagination and reality converge. With each stroke, I aim to evoke a sense of connection and wonder, leaving a lasting impression on those who engage with my art.

I was born in a small town in the eastern plains of Colorado and was encouraged by  my mother who was an artist to be creative at an early age.  I have continued to be creative in a lot of different mediums and enjoy collaborating with customers on creating custom art pieces.


After studying  palette knife painting and creating a few paintings, I fell in love with the process and it has become my new passion. There is something engaging about the juicy heavy texture that draws me into the paintings.  

I am continuing my art journey learning new techniques and styles that will express my creative art.

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